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Whangarei Heads Peninsula

Your hosts Lil and Ron welcome you to Shores, situated in Taurikura Bay, Whangarei Heads. Explore, relax and experience Whangarei Heads, a spectacular peninsula, fringed with beautiful ocean and harbour beaches, in the upper North Island of New Zealand.Taurikura Bay is a 30 minute drive from Whangarei City along the scenic coast of Whangarei Heads peninsula. Immerse yourself in Northland’s natural beauty away from the tourist crowds.Enjoy meeting the easy going locals who love it here and are happy to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the place. Whether it’s diving, kayaking, surfing, sailing, or bush walking, it’s all here waiting to be enjoyed.


Facts about Whangarei Heads

One popular traditional name for Whangarei Harbour is Whangarei-te-rerenga-paraoa, the gathering place of whales. Large whales are now a rare and celebrated sight, but dolphins are regular, playful visitors in the natural deep water harbour and Orca occasionally arrive to feed on sting ray.


Whangarei Heads is also a welcome sight for marine travellers. Many international yachts sail past the majestic sentinel of Bream Head into the haven of Whangarei Harbour having travelled thousands of nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean.


Mt Manaia, the much loved mountain of our area, rises to 420m and provides breathtaking views of the harbour and bays.


Mount Manaia, Mount Aubrey and the Bream Head range are visual reminders of ancient volcanic activity and provide a spectacular gateway to the Hen and Chickens Islands and Whangarei Heads Eastern Coastline.


The Whangarei Heads Marine Reserve established in 2006, has created a safe underwater home for a diverse range of New Zealand marine life and provides great snorkelling and diving experiences for all ages.


Whangarei Heads has a growing kiwi bird population of around 800. With many locals working hard with the Backyard Kiwi project to create a haven for these unique birds.


Bream Head Scenic Reserve is one of New Zealand’s premier coastal forest reserves. It provides a refuge for a broad range of species including the kiwi, kukupa (wood pigeon) several bird species from offshore islands like kaka, kakariki (red-crowned parakeet) and bellbird. It also has a wealth of native plants.

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