Our Climate

Northland, New Zealand

Summer: December to February

Pohutakawa trees flower in mid December framing the beach views with vibrant red flowers. January and February is the most popular time for enjoying sunshine, warm sand between the toes and the refreshing sea.
Average daily temperature: High 24 C (75F) Low 14 C (57F)
Rainfall: 92mm (3.62 inches) 8 Days

Autumn: March to May

The warmth of summer often lingers well into March, though the temperatures cool as evening approaches.
Average daily temperature: High 21 C (70F) Low 11 C (52F)
Rainfall: 114 mm (4.49 inches) 11 Days

Winter: June to August

Mild temperatures during the winter are ideal for walking and exploring.
Average daily temperature: High 16C (61F) Low 7C (45F)
Rainfall: 157 mm (6.18 inches) 15 Days

Spring: September to November

Average daily temperature: High 19C (66F) Low 10C (55F)
Rainfall: 108 mm (4.25 inches) 11 Days

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Information sourced from Destination Northland and NIWA Climate Data